Facility Planning Committee

The Courthouse, Jail, and Law Enforcement Facility Planning Committee was formed to assist the Board of Clay County Commissioners and the City of Vermillion City Council by reviewing the study performed in 2018 by Klein McCarthy Architects, exploring the options for meeting the identified facility needs, and providing recommendations. The volunteer committee consists of seven voting members, selected from applicants with a desire to serve the citizens of Clay County and three non-voting county and city officials who were selected due to their knowledge of the facilities.

Voting Committee Members:
Robert Fuller
Marty Gilbertson
Gregory Huckabee
Meghan McCauley
John Walker
Steven Waller
Nate Welch

Non-Voting Committee Members:
County Auditor Carri Crum
County Sheriff Andy Howe
City of Vermillion Police Chief Matt Betzen

The Committee's next meeting will take place in the Vermillion City Hall Large Conference Room at 6:30 p.m. on March 2, 2019.

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