Extension Office & 4-H Program

Clay County Extension Office and 4-H Center
515 High St.
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: (605) 677-7111
Fax: (605) 677-7103

Lauren Hollenbeck
4-H Youth Program Advisor

Colleen Fickbohm
Administrative Assistant


2020 CCYTF Capital Improvement Request

2020 CCYTF Grant Request



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4HOnline 2.0: Youth & Cloverbud Enrollment

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4HOnline 2.0: Adding a New Member to the Family

4-H Enrollment Form 2020-2021

4-H Journal

4-H Record Book Annual Report

4-H Record Book Livestock Report

4-H Record Book Project Report

4-H Secretary's Book

Farm Bureau Award

Sweepstakes Award

Joe Millette Outstanding Horse Award

Molly's Award

Dillon Jolley Scholarship

4-H Project Medal

Agriculture, Home Economics, Personal Development Medal

County Citizenship Award

County Leadership Award

County Achievement Award

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Static (Display) Exhibit Entry Form

Clothing: Recycled Garment Entry Form

Clothing: Constructed Clothing Entry Form

Clothing: Selected Outfit Entry Form - Beginner

Clothing: Selected Outfit Entry Form - Junior

Clothing: Seleted Outfit Entry Form - Senior

Clothing: Constructed Accessory Entry Form

Home Environment: Quilt Exhibit Entry Form

Food Preservation Entry Form

Food Preservation: Dried Foods Entry Form

Foods: Recipe Adaptation Form

Photography Exhibit Entry Form

Preparing & Exhibiting Vegetables

Computer Entry Form

First Aid Exhibit Guidelines

4-H Project Hot Sheets




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